Timeless - Katie Prestia-Schaub

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  • Timeless 
  • Katie Prestia-Schaub ~ Piccolo
  • Martin Kennedy ~ Piano
      • Timeless is a diverse collection of mostly American contemporary music for piccolo and piano. Katie Prestia-Schaub and Martin Kennedy offer a broad array of musical styles including lyrical, ballad-like melodies, shockingly virtuosic compositions, selections with jazzy nuances, as well as a rhapsodic and exhilarating tango! These pieces are sure to delight all with such pieces as Desplazamiento by Martin Kennedy, Flash! by Daniel Dorff and Passage by Daniel Kelley! 
  • Air ~ Barry McKimm
  • Flash! ~ Daniel Dorff
  • Slow Music for Piccolo Alone ~ Fredrick Lesemann
  • The High and the Mighty ~ Michael Daugherty
  • Passage ~ Daniel Kelley
  • Desplazamineto ~ Martin Kennedy
  • Timeless ~ Kenneth Benshoof
  • Eurythmionics ~ Steve Kujala
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