A Tripartite Sonata - Flute & Piano 40055

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A Tripartite Sonata for Flute & Piano 
by Daniel Kelley #40055

Premiered by Marianne Gedigian at the 2006 NFA Convention, A Tripartite Sonata for flute and piano is a brand new work featuring the flute at its most exuberant and sensual. Three movements.

Includes a solo insert and piano score.
Score is spiral-bound to lie flat, and all music is printed on quality paper for durability and longevity.
The solo insert and the score have coordinated page numbers for ease of performance. Click on image for music sample!

As reviewed in I Care If You Listen by Matt Webber: ..."Movement I begins softly and in a rather abstract, nearly atonal manner, but as it grows in volume, it is also suddenly a rag, full of jazzy harmonies and well-familiar syncopations. (It reminded me strongly of Jean-Pierre Rampal’s renditions of Scott Joplin.) This burst of color is unrelated to most of the body of the piece, which is a sort of late-Romantic style meander, but the Joplin imitation returns in full force at the very end of the movement. ..... the third movement is full of excitement, with a very driving rhythm from the piano and an energetic, forceful melodic argument from the flute. That tune has real shape, too: several times, the flute gradually approaches its upper registers, leaping and bounding all the way, and when the climactic moment is reached, with a brief flourish, the effect is gripping, even electrifying. The finale is even more energetic than the body of the piece, and the ultimate, upward run is like a double exclamation point at the end of a sentence in all caps"

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