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Haynes Classic ~ Q3
Starting at $6,950

The Wm. S. Haynes Classic Q3 features a sterling silver headjoint, body, and mechanism.  This beautiful Flute combines the beauty and artistry of America's oldest Flute company with modern factory efficiency.  The Q3 is the ideal instrument for the serious Flutist!

  • Sterling silver headjoint - handcut in the Boston factory
    Sterling silver body and mechanism
    Drawn tone holes
  • .016" tubing
  • Open Hole (French)
    French pointed key arms
  • Low B footjoint
  • A=442
  • Choose the following options with the checkboxes above!
    •Choose either Inline G or Offset G
    •Optional headjoint upgrade: 14k gold riser or 9k gold lip plate
    •Optional headjoint upgrade to a Custom Wm. S. Haynes headjoint (call for pricing)
    •Optional High E upgrade: G disc or Split E mechanism
    •Optional C# Trill
    Optional D# Roller


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