Powell Sonare 705

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Powell Sonare 705 
Flutacious! Price: Starting at $2,876 ~ List Price: $3,890

The Powell Sonare 705 offers all the benefits of Powell craftsmanship on an affordable professional Flute!  It features a sterling silver Powell Signature handmade headjoint, a sterling silver body, and a silverplated mechanism with upgraded pointed key arms.

  • Sterling silver Powell Signature headjoint
  • Sterling silver body
  • Silverplated mechanism
  • .016" tubing
  • Open Hole (French)
  • Low B footjoint
  • Pointed key arms
  • Powell scale A=442
  • Choose the following options with the checkboxes above!
    •Choose either Inline G or Offset G
    •Optional Split E mechanism Offset G only - not available with C# Trill and Split E
  • •Upgrade headjoint options: Aurumite 9k Lip plate or Aurumite 9k Headjoint NEW!
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