Rooted in excellence, Miyazawa strives to become a Flute for life and a name for the ages

Miyazawa Flutes was founded in 1969 by Masashi Miyazawa.  Mr. Miyazawa founded the company with a dream to create a better instrument.  With his background in the design and manufacture of professional Flutes, Miyazawa successfully brought together traditional craftsmanship with advanced technologies, a principle which still applies today.   A Miyazawa headjoint is as unique as the player. Each is hand cut to the highest standards and is crafted with different metals and styles to fit the color and sound of each individual player. 

Headjoint Styles

MZ-6 Modern style design with an open, warm sound. Works well for flutists with a fast airstream and very relaxed embouchure. Plenty of harmonics and projection characterize this headjoint cut.

 MZ-7 Modern style headjoint with a generous amount of "spin". Consistent tone and response throughout the registers. Designed for flutists with a very fast airstream and who seek a powerful sound with a large, controlled dynamic range.

MZ-8 Modern style headjoint with a well-defined rectangular shaped embouchure hole. Generally works best for flutists who direct their airstream far downward with a wide aperture.

MZ-9 A modern version of a traditional style headjoint. Characterized by a centered, dark sound with generous resistance and focused, laser-like projection. Works well for those who use air speed to control and direct their sound.

MZ-10 Allows the player to put a large volume of air through the flute, achieving a rich and powerful sound. Characterized by plenty of lower partials anchoring the sound with a full harmonic spectrum.  Flexible and responsive with a wide range of tonal and color possibilities.

MZ-11 A more traditional style-sound in a modern headjoint design.  Characterized by an open, dark and fluid sound with fewer high harmonics. Comfortable resistance with easily controlled dynamics and a round, warm response.     

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Miyazawa Custom Headjoints ~ Sterling Silver
Miyazawa Custom Sterling Silver Headjoints Save up to 50% ~ Call for details! Please call or email for current availability Sterling silver is the classic metal used in flutemaking and offers a colorful, deep timbre and a wide tonal range. Available in two tubing thicknesses: standard tu..
Miyazawa Custom Headjoints ~ .958 Silver
    Miyazawa Custom .958 Silver Headjoints 958 Silver is a unique silver alloy that consists of 95.8% pure silver. The increased density from sterling silver results in a darker sound with a remarkable array of tonal colors. Miyazawa 958 silver deepens the ..
Miyazawa Custom Headjoints ~ Gold-Silver GS Alloy
Miyazawa Custom Gold-Silver GS Alloy Headjoints     Gold Silver Alloy is an innovative composition made of 10 percent gold and 90 percent silver. Highly tarnish resistant, GS alloy combines the brilliance of silver with the textural warmth of gold resulting..
Miyazawa Custom Headjoints ~ 9k &14k Gold
Miyazawa Custom Gold Headjoints ~ 9k & 14k 9k gold is the ideal combination of the desired tonal qualities of both silver and gold. With abundant harmonics and structure, 9k gold provides a stable sonic foundation along with a brillant resonace and projection. 14k rose gold has a dens..
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