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Almeida Custom #341 ~ Preowned
Edward Almeida #341 ~ Preowned Price: $7,950.00 This beautiful Almeida Flute is a fine hand-crafted instrument with a gorgeous, rich sound. Edward Almeida is an intrinsic part of the historical legacy of Boston Flutemaking. He apprenticed with Verne Q. Powell beginning in 1948 and was ..
Arista Custom #435 ~ Preowned
Arista Custom Flute #435 Price ~  $11,500 This Arista Flute is a beautiful custom handmade instrument.  This flute features .014 tubing with lots of options like a C# trill, Split E, and D# roller!  With a 14K gold lip and riser, this Flute combines incredible response with ..
Brannen Cooper Custom #3510 ~ Preowned
Brannen Cooper Custom #3510 ~ Preowned Price: $11,995 ~ August 2017 Special $10,995   This Brannen is a gorgeous flute that features a very rich and resonant silver body with soldered tone holes. The flawless Brogger Mekanik makes playing effortless and the D# rolle..
$10,995.00 $11,995.00
Azumi AZ3 #UD04626 ~ Preowned
Azumi AZ3 #UD04626 ~ Preowned Listing Price: $1,995 This Azumi AZ3 flute features a sterling silver headjoint and body with a silverplated mechanism. A perfect flute for the intermediate player at an affordable price!   Sterling silver headjoint and body Silverplated me..
Powell Sonare 705 #40784 ~ Preowned
Powell Sonare 705 ~ Preowned Listing Price: $1,995 This Powell Sonare 705 flute features a sterling silver headjoint and body. A perfect flute for the intermediate player at an affordable price!   Sterling silver headjoint and body French pointed arms Drawn tone holes Of..
Haynes Custom #52670 ~ Preowned
Haynes #52670 Custom ~ Preowned  Listing Price: $19,500 Crafted in 2009, this flute is a fine example of the Wm. S. Haynes artistry. With a 14K gold body and sterling silver keys, this custom flute features a beautiful, warm sound.  14K Gold Body with Sterling SIlver Keys..
Haynes Custom 5% Gold #52859 ~ Preowned
Haynes 5% Gold #52859 ~ Preowned  Listing Price: $11,750   Special $10,500 This Custom Haynes Flute is a beautiful instrument. Featuring tubing made of 5% gold and 95% silver, this flute has a full, soaring sound quality. 5% gold and 95% silver tubing .016" tubing&nb..
$10,500.00 $11,750.00
Koregelos Sonate  #589 ~ Preowned
Koregelos Sonate #589 ~ Preowned Price: $2,995.00 This is an outstanding professional flute, made by master craftsman George Koregelos. The Koregelos instruments are highly sought after by serious professionals and collectors. The Sonate model features  an offset G, drawn tone hol..
Miyazawa MS-95 #1367 ~ Preowned
Miyazawa MS-95 #1367 ~ Preowned $1,495 This flute is a beautiful example of Miyazawa craftsmanship.  It is a joy to play, with a beautilful, lilting sound, an even scale and responsive low range.  A great flute at a great price! Sterling Silver headjoint Nickel-plat..
Muramatsu AD #26127 ~ Preowned
Muramatsu AD #26127 ~ Preowned Listing Price: $3,250 A beautiful preowned Muramatsu AD flute that produces a gorgeous, sweet sound! This sterling silver flute is a fine example of Japanese Flute making! Sterling Silver headjoint, mechanism and body Inline G Open Holes Low B f..
Muramatsu AD #27353 ~ Preowned
 Muramatsu #27353  $5,500  This expertly crafted Muramatsu flute features its signature sweet and lyrical sound. Made in 1981,  this silver flute has drawn tone holes, an inline G, and is recently overhauled. Sterling Silver flute Drawn Tone Holes Low B footjoint..
Pearl Flute PF-765 Coda #4453 ~ Preowned
Pearl Flute ~ PF-765 Coda ~ Preowned This beautiful Pearl flute features a sterling silver headjoint and body with silverplated mechanisms and comes with Pearls pinless mechanism and the "Coda" package which includes: a solid 10k gold lip plate, split e mechanism, low B foot with a D# r..
$2,250.00 $3,350.00