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Hodge Silk Piccolo Swab
Hodge Silk Piccolo Swab Hodge Piccolo Silk Swabs are premium swabs made from 100% china silk for removing moisture from piccolos after each use. This swab is absorbent, lint free, compressible and machine washable. They will not leave lint or fibers on the pad skins or tone hole rims an..
Piccolo Flag Take Down
Take Down Piccolo Flag Made of an aborsorbant micro fiber, the take down piccolo flag easily swabs the moisture out without having to take apart the piccolo. Measures 27.5 inch when assembled and 14.5 inch when disassembled for convient storgage anywhere! Various colors and designs ar..
Burkart Custom Piccolo Headjoints ~ Grenadilla Wood
Burkart Custom Piccolo Headjoints ~ Grenadilla Wood Each Lillian Burkart designed, African grenadilla wood, piccolo headjoint is crafted with the utmost care and meets the players requirements for acoustical warmth, hardness, density and, with proper management, stability. The world's finest ..