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Bass Boost 
Version Mk3 - Brand New Model for 2021!

This innovative new product serves as a support for Bass Flutes, allowing for better posture and easy, seamless playing.
The Bass Boost is adjustable - it can be used in the sitting or standing position. The new 2021 version is more versatile and collapses to a smaller size! 

Some Details

1) The Bass Boost (BB) helps to support a Bass or Alto flute, minimizing stress on the right-shoulder of the artist.
   -It should be placed on the player's right-side, convenient to place the flute on the "Cradle"
   -Initially, try it about shoulder-height.  (If you are playing an Alto-flute, it will probably be somewhat lower)
   -The thin-edge of the Cradle should face the flutist.  There is 'grippy-pad' to minimize slippage of the flute.
   -The flute should just rest on the cradle.  There is no need to put extra weight on the cradle.  Keep it light, and easy.
2) Placement of the Bass Boost "Cradle" along the flute:
   -Bass Flute:  The best spot (for me) is between the F and E keys...and my thumb keeps the cradle from moving higher on the instrument.
   -Others have placed the Cradle closer to the center-of-the instrument (Your placement may vary)
3) After some practice, you will find that you can make one-handed adjustments for height, using the 'flip-locks'.
   -Be careful!  At first, if you guess wrong, put the flute on it's stand before changing the height.
   -As the 'flip-locks' get worked in, they will get easier to open.  (You will find a small pocket, in the case, which has a little hex-wrench to adjust tension on the flip-locks.)
4) The pictures show the location of a "travel" adjustment, at the base of the Bass Boost.
   -"Travel" is the amount of "swing" allowed for the BB.  It allows the BB to move with you, as you play.  If you turn the adjustment all the way LOW...there is almost NO travel.  This setting is good for playing standing up.
   -(BB is tall, with a small base...if you use it standing up, I recommend that you put you foot on one of the legs to keep it steady)
   -For seated play, adjust the "Travel" to about 1/2 - 3/4 turn from the bottom for a good amount of 'travel'
   -For standing play, I recommend all the way LOW, or just a 1/4-turn or so.
5) Be mindful that this is a new piece of gear....take some time to get used to it in home practice.
   -It weighs about 2lbs.   
   -It is tall & skinny...if it falls over, it can knock things over.
6) The Bass Boost is lightweight and sturdy, but will NOT hold your full weight, unless you weigh less than 25lbs.

Read the Full Instructions HERE!
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