Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning
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Flute Flag Fixed Length
Made of an absorbent micro fiber, this short length flute flag helps to quickly swab the moisture from your flute. Measures 14in long, with various colors to suit your style!       ..
Hodge Silk Flute Swab
The Hodge Silk Flute Swab is made from 100% silk and is absorbent, lint free, compressible, and washable.  Available in a multitude of colors!     ..
Hodge Silk Piccolo Swab
Hodge Piccolo Silk Swabs are premium swabs made from 100% china silk for removing moisture from piccolos after each use. This swab is absorbent, lint free, compressible and machine washable. They will not leave lint or fibers on the pad skins or tone hole rims and they are soft enough ..
Lip Guard
Willow’s Invisible Lip Guards Removable Lip Plate Protection for eradicating BLACK FLUTE CHIN, hooray! Creates a barrier between the chin and the lip plate that is allergy-free with a no-slip surface! The Lip Guard works as a safe and thin barrier between the lip plate and..
Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Microfiber Polishing Cloth This Microfiber Polishing Cloth prolongs that fresh from the showroom feel through superior design, quality and value. Perfect Care for Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and other wind instruments. Microfiber is a revolutionary material contain..
OCB Cigarette Paper
OCB Cigarette Paper Every flutist should own pad paper for blotting up moisture on pads. This cigarette paper does just that! 150 count, ungummed, great for quick water removal!     ..
Piccolo Flag Fixed Length
This one piece swab is made of an absorbent micro fiber and is a great tool to swab your piccolo out quickly without having to dissassemble it. Measures 14.5 in long  With various colors and designs available to fit your style!       ..
Piccolo Flag Take Down
Made of aborsorbent micro fiber, the take down piccolo flag easily swabs the moisture out without having to take apart the piccolo. Measures 27.5 inch when assembled and 14.5 inch when disassembled for convient storgage anywhere! Various colors and designs are available to fit your o..
Valentino Flute Helix Wand
Valentino Flute Helix Wand The Valentino Helix Wand, made with ultra-absorbent petals lining the wand itself, is designed to dry your flute in a single pass. An additional absorbent topper ensures the corners of your headjoint are also clean and dry. The Helix Wand is 14 inches in length. ..
Woodwind FIX IT Tool
Woodwind Fix-It Tool Flutacious! Price ~ $10.00 The Woodwind Fix-It Tool is the ideal gadget for every woodwind player. One side is a spring hook and the other is a small screwdriver. This must-have comes in 4 colors and can attach to your instrument case or bag. Perfect for those hard-to..