An Evening at McMillister's - Woodwind Quintet 25001

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An Evening at McMillister's, A Woodwind Quintet in 6 Movements
by Daniel Kelley #25001

A terrific depiction of 5 Soloists having an evening of fun!

Includes five separate parts and a score.
Score is spiral-bound to lie flat, and all music is printed on quality paper for durability and longevity.

Each instrumentalist in this quintet is, for one evening, a patron of McMillister's--a watering hole, or more bluntly, a bar. The temperament, desirability, and sex of each character are made clear from the music, and from the musical interaction between the players. Six movements, approximately 17 minutes in length. Click on the image for music sample!

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An Evening at McMillister's - Woodwind Quintet 25001?

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