Moennig Bass Flute #13753 - Preowned

Product Code: Moennig Bass Flute #13753 | Preowned (POB-6)
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Price: $2,250.00

MOENNIG BROS. Bass Flute #13753 - Preowned

This Bass Flute is preowned, and plays fluidly and evenly throughout all 3 octaves. It is in excellent playing condition and is a durable "work-horse". Made in Germany, this bass flute is extremely well constructed, and over the years has been featured on thousands of motion pictures and tv shows in Los Angeles!

Silverplated curved headjoint
Sterling Silver lip plate and riser

Silverplated body
Wings on Headjoint
Low C foot
French pointed arms
C# and D# Footjoint rollers
Played on thousands of Motion Pictures and TV Shows! 


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Moennig Bass Flute #13753 - Preowned?

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