Powell Custom Aurumite 14k

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Aurumite 14K Gold Package - Gold Tone Holes, Posts, Ribs, Rings:

Powell Handmade Custom ~ Aurumite 14k
Flutacious! Price ~ Starting at $16,220

The Verne Q. Powell Handmade Custom is a stunning instument with a fabulous pinless mechanism.  This Boston-made Flute combines the quality and history of one of America's oldest Flute companies with modern technology.  Aurumite 14k is a layered metal designed by Powell Flutes that fuses an inside 14k gold layer with an outside layer of sterling silver.  This addition of 14k gold give this Flute a smooth and rich low range with a colorful high range.  The Powell Custom Flute is the ultimate in handmade Flutes, with a wide choice of headjoint upgrades and Flute options.  

  • Aurumite 14k custom headjoint .014"
    Aurumite 14k body
    Sterling silver mechanism
    Soldered tone holes
    Pinless mechanism
  • .016" tubing thickness body
    Open Hole (French)
  • French pointed key arms
  • Low B footjoint
  • Powell Scale A=442
  • Choose the following options with the checkboxes above!
    •Choose either Inline G or Offset G
    •Choice of 3 headjoint styles
    •Optional headjoint upgrades - see options above 
    •Optional High E upgrade: G disc or Split E mechanism
    •Optional C# Trill
    •Optional D# Roller
    •Optional Gold tone holes, posts ribs and rings

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