"The Sound and Feel of Great Design"

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Burkart Flutes is one of the world's leading Flutemakers.  The Burkart Flute headjoint features beautiful resonance and easy control, combined with precision craftsmanship.  Burkart's mission is to enable the Flutist to push the performance envelope by giving full voice and limitless technical possibilities to the instrument. 

Whether you are looking for a powerful, rich headjoint with projection in the orchestral environment, or a sweet and intimate sound for chamber music, Burkart has made a cut just for you!

The C4 cut produces a warm, round, full bodied sound. The stability and ease of play allow for nuance within a wide range of colors and dynamics.

The M2 cut is Lilian Burkart's most innovative cut.  The air stream is quickly excited and the player achieves exceptional response and projection. The embouchure shape focuses the tone, resulting in a clear, clean, and very directed flute sound. All three octaves have a ringing resonance and a dark core. The M2 model provides an unprecedented dynamic range and powerful low register.

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Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ Sterling Silver
Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ Sterling Silver Sterling Silver Tube with Silver Lip and Riser S4 or M2 cut Optional riser and lip upgrades!               ..
Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ 998 Silver
Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ 998 Silver 998 Silver achieves a more complex sound than Sterling Silver with an amazing projection capability. Try one with a platinum riser! 998 Silver Tubing with Silver lip and riser S4 or M2 cut Optional lip and riser upgrades     ..
Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ 595 Platinum Enhanced
Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ 595 Platinum Enhanced 5-95 are 5% platinum and 95% silver. They have a nice, mellow color while maintaining excellent projection.  5-95 or platinum risers are optimal combinations and give a rich, velvety tone with great resonance. 595 Platinum enhanc..
Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ Gold and Platinum
Burkart Custom Headjoints ~ 10k gold, 14k gold, 19.5 gold, Platinum Gold Headjoints have been said to hold a special warmth and depth. The 10k gold headjoints has the added depth of gold while embodying the projection qualities of silver. 14k and 19.5k gold achieve a dark "full on" sound insp..
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Burkart Custom Piccolo Headjoints ~ Grenadilla Wood
Burkart Custom Piccolo Headjoints ~ Grenadilla Wood Each Lillian Burkart designed, African grenadilla wood, piccolo headjoint is crafted with the utmost care and meets the players requirements for acoustical warmth, hardness, density and, with proper management, stability. The world's finest ..