Wm. S. Haynes Headjoints
The Genesis of American Flutemaking
Celebrating over 130 Years of Exquisite Flutemaking.....Since 1888

In the Boston Workshop, Haynes carefully crafts all flutes, headjoints, and piccolos. Haynes Flutes are revered worldwide by legendary Flutists of both the past including the great Georges Barrere and Jean-Pierre Rampal and the present including Emanuel Pahud, Marina Piccinini, Emily Benyon and more!  From the aspiring student to the master, the compelling presence of a Haynes instrument draws out the very best musical performance, enabling instrumentalists of all levels to realize their full potential.

Haynes has two fabulous headjoint tyles: 

A modern lip plate with moderate resistance. This cut appeals to the players creativity, the tone produced on this style emphasizes higher overtones with a vivid, sparkling sound.
PIEDMONT This style affords the player a warm, rich sound with a moderate amount of resistance. A great cut suited for the soloist and orchestral player

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Haynes Handmade | Silver
Silver is the classic metal used in flutemaking and offers a colorful, deep timbre and a wide tonal range.  Available in 0.014" thin wall and 0.01"6 medium wall thickness               &..
Haynes Handmade Headjoints | 5% Gold Alloy
Haynes 5% Gold Alloy is a combination of 5% gold and 95% silver. This touch of gold in the tubing gives an added dimension of warmth and color to the already gorgeous Haynes Flute sound.           ..
Haynes Handmade Headjoints | Fusion
Haynes Custom Fusion Headjoints Haynes Fusion headjoints are a fusion of precious metals. The combination of different metals creates a warmth, depth and a beautiful tonal range not found in silver headjoints. Fusion Gold Inside ~ Starting at $3,640 is a fusion of two different metal..
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Haynes Handmade Headjoints | Gold and Platinum
Haynes Custom Gold & Platinum Headjoints ~ 10k, 14k, 19.5k, Platinum Prized by many, Haynes gold and platinum headjoints are characterized as lush, rich, robust, and dark. A beautiful addition to any flute! Available in 10k, 14k, 19.5k gold and platinum with riser, lip and crown upgrades!..
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