Brannen 10k Gold #8482 ~ Preowned

Product Code: Brannen 10K Gold #8482 ~ Preowned (PO18-2)
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Price: $23,500.00$24,500.00

Brannen 10k Gold #8482 ~ Preowned
Listing price: $24,500

This 10k Brannen is an excellent custom Flute with a 14k gold Lafin headjoint! Made in June of 2017, this Flute is in pristine condition and is worth almost $30,000 new!

10K Gold Body
LaFin 14k headjoint with Platinum riser
C# Trill Key
D# Roller
Offset G
Soldered Tone Holes
Brogger Mekanik
Brogger Acoustic
French Pointed Arms

Low B Foot Joint
Practically new!!
Made in 2017



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Brannen 10k Gold #8482 ~ Preowned?

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